Beijing Hosts Int'l Forum on Poverty Reduction Experience, Albania Represented

The International Forum on Poverty Reduction Experience was held in Beijing on December 14 and 15 and its main topic of was "Promoting the work of reducing global poverty - Forming the community of common destinies of mankind", reported CRI on Wednesday. Over 200 representatives from more than 60 countries and regions and over 20 international organizations participated in this forum, holding in-depth discussions on strengthening cooperation and sharing of experience in terms of poverty alleviation and reaching a broad consensus.

Many participants said that China met the poverty reduction target in the new era on time and achieved the poverty alleviation target of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 10 years ahead of time by developing international cooperation to provide contribution to reducing global poverty.

The forum was also attended by Mrs. Marsela Musabelliu, executive director of the Institute for Globalization Studies of Albania.

In her speech, dr. Musabelliu said that the COVID-19 pandemic has tested the world economy and has created great social and economic tensions everywhere, including Albania. In these difficult moments, the main concern and sensitivity go to the most vulnerable part of society, the needy.

To support the poorest and most exposed to these economic situations, she noted, immediate socio-economic responses are needed. All over the world the situation needs an extraordinary degree of international support and mutual commitment.

Further on Mrs. Musabelliu said that poverty is a multifaceted problem that requires a cross-sectoral approach, adding that China's phenomenal growth over the past 40 years, coupled with its massive poverty eradication program, has aroused great interest in what it embodies and lessons it can offer to other developing countries.

"For the rest of us, the most important projects of this Chinese experience of eradicating poverty are the areas where China is shining: interconnection, infrastructure, innovation, sustainability, targeted poverty alleviation and of course a government that respects its commitments," she said.

The Albanian participant, Musabelliu also said that China has not only fought and eradicated poverty within its borders, but is also spreading this model of development in other countries through "One Belt, One Road". Projects implemented in the frame of "One Belt, One Road" could lift 7.6 million people out of poverty in those countries, Musabelliu noted, adding that China's commitment to continue and deepen globalization is enabling other countries to benefit from that initiative.

"The lack of international cooperation over the past few years has begun to highlight the shortcomings of isolationism and protectionism. To overcome these difficult times, the key word is cooperation, and the main framework is multilateralism. In this community of a common future for all humanity, alleviating poverty can ensure that everyone fulfills their human potential in dignity," concluded Albania's Musabelliu./