Centenary of Albania's Accession to League of Nations Marked as Unique Historical Act by President

The 100th anniversary of Albania's accession to the League of Nations is a unique act in the history of Albania, said President Ilir Meta.
Celebrating this historical event Meta said in a note posted on FB on Thursday tha this unique act in the history of the nation sanctioned the Albanian state as a subject in the frame of international law, but above all strengthened sovereignty, reconfirmed independence and set guarantees for the borders set by the London Conference of Ambassadors of 1913.
The head of state also remembered the main figures who contributed to this historic event for Albanians, including Fan S. Noli.
On December 17, 1920, Albania was accepted as a full member of the League of Nations which the President called
"a unique act in the history of our country".
The efforts, sacrifices and wars of the Albanian people, especially the diplomatic efforts of the patriots, wherever they were, especially of the Patriotic Federation "Vatra" in the US and the head of the Albanian delegation to the League of Nations, Fan S. Noli, were crowned through this extremely important act which accepted Albania, although tired and torn apart by the First World War, as equal among all nations, with the rights and obligations that stemmed from membership in this organization, said Meta.
In conclusion Albanian President expressed gratitude for the outstanding contribution of the then US President,Thomas Woodrow Wilson, who through his 14-point plan laid the foundations of an equal peace in Europe, the creation of the concept of nations with equal rights, regardless of their size and vision for a collective security organization like the League of Nations. /argumentum.al