Deputy Kosovo President's Speech in Albania's Parliament Boycotted by PM Rama

The absence of Prime Minister Edi Rama in Parliament during the time when the acting President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani delivered a significant speech in Parliament in Tirana on Thursday drew the attention of the public opinion and did not pass unnoticed by politics.
The Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Edi Paloka said that was a boycott by Rama as a shameful and ugly act that has never happened before in Albania.
According to Paloka, even this act has pushed Rama to boycott Osmani from those he considers partners in the Balkans.
He stated that Rama has betrayed the values ​​of the nation several times and this cannot be forgiven.
It seems that Osmani's speech with messages against Edi Rama's projects and his attitudes about the Mini Schengen, or relations with Serbia, has made the head of the Albanian government not go to listen to the speech of the President of Kosovo.
Analyst Andi Bushati in an editorial posted on the portal said on Thursday that it seems as if the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani had come to Tirana to annihilate Edi Rama.
"She moved every stone to emphasize that the proximity of our Prime Minister to Aleksandar Vucic is hindering the condemnation of the Serbian genocide committed during Milosevic," Bushati wrote.
"But the bad thing is that in Vjosa Osmani's agenda there was not only the demand for the condemnation of the Serbian genocide. It was followed, immediately, by another harsh criticism of an issue that Edi Rama has put his chest on. She was careful to point out that the Balkan Mini-Schengen serves Serbia better than our two countries, and she said this in Tirana, the same place where a few months ago Vucic whipped his friend Edi because he was complexed by Pristina leaders to protect this project of the future," the analyst said.
In a post on his social networks Rama released a photo of the meeting with Osmani without any comment simply referring to the protocol.
Osmani was received in separate meetings by all Albania's authorities including those of the opposition.