DP’s Basha Pledges Justice Reform after April 25 Elections in Albania

Albanians should separate themselves from the ruling party on April 25 general elections because it is known that at least justice will not be the property of the government during the governance of the Democratic Party (DP), said the head of the largest opposition political force, Lulzim Basha in a meeting with students who study law in Tirana on Saturday.
Basha pledged that the first investment of the new government will be in justice reform for it to succeed, saying that will be one of the basic conditions to divide and balance powers. According to him, as long as justice is under the control of the legislature and the executive there will be no justice. "The first investment for justice reform to succeed is a change of government because it will meet one of the basic conditions you learn in the subject of constitutional law, which is the separation and balance of powers."
He noted that as long as justice is in the control of the legislature and the executive, whatever is done there will be no justice but there will be corruption and impunity. But corruption and its bill are paid by citizens, Basha said.
Further on he pointed out that justice should be a weapon against corruption and this can only be achieved by removing justice from the hands of the ruling Socialist Party. Regarding the completion of the Constitutional Court, the DP leader said that it is good news, but a very late one.

"It took 3 years to fill the vacancies in the Constitutional Court, which is certainly good news, but a very late one and the justice reform to succeed needs precisely the passion, purity and idealism of the youth," said the DP head. /argumentum.al