DP's Head Announces Turnaround in Albania's Approach towards Kosovo

Albania and Kosovo will promote cooperation to eliminate official and unofficial barriers which hinder economic integration between the two countries, has said the leader of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha, after meeting with the acting President of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani.
Basha noted in a FB statement on Friday that one of his first decisions as Prime Minister will be the removal of the barrier on the Nation Road, as well as the negotiation with the Kosovo government on not placing any toll barrier on the ‘Ibrahim Rugova’ highway.
 "After April 25, there will be a radical turnaround in Tirana's approach to total support of Kosovo institutions and the establishment of Albania-Kosovo relations at the forefront," Basha said.
Albania is to hold general elections on April 25 next year.
Further on Basha said he pledged that the new Albanian Parliament will adopt a resolution condemning the Serb genocide in Kosovo. "We cannot allow history to be rewritten by the aggressors. No one will be able to transform the just struggle for freedom of the Kosovo Liberation Army."
The DP Head said they will continue to strongly support the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue, but indisputably the goal is and should be mutual recognition of the two states for ending a painful chapter and pave the way for democratic stability and European integration of all societies in the region.
Osmani fails to pay homage to mother's uncle Vuçiterna
In another development Ms. Osmani has asked to lay flowers at the grave of her mother's uncle, Sulejman Vuçiterna, a well-known political figure killed during the communist rule in Albania. It is reported that a request had been made to the Albanian Parliament.

But the latter's protocol office responded to President of Kosovo saying that the late Sulejman Vuçiterna did not have a grave as he was buried in the Maliqi swamp, southeastern Albania in 1950s, and no remains of his had been found./argumentum.al