Has a Race Started between Rama and Basha Who Will Be First to Secure the Anti-Covid Vaccine for Albanians?

Prime Minister Edi Rama has said that he is 'fighting' to acquire the anti-covid vaccine in an effort to guarantee vaccination in Albania but no timing is mentioned although EU members  some of them neighboring countries expect to start vaccination in a short time.
Rama revealed in a news conference on Tuesday that he and his companions had to stay three days indoors and the picture of him in a shop in New York is taken while he was buying painting utensils.
Besides a photo with a senior official of Pfizer company released by Rama which as it came out was a hand shake in a painting gallery no details have been made public if the PM made any contract on the vaccines the reason he flew to the US to see as he. said eye-to-eye with managers of vaccine companies.
On Tuesday Rama was short on this issue saying when 'guranteed' this vaccine will be free of charge but not mandatory for Albanian citizens. No date or name of companies were mentioned…
Touching upon this vital issue, the head of DP, Lulzim Basha blasted on Rama saying on Tuesday he went to New York for the vaccine, and released a photo in a museum from there. "He came empty handed!" said Basha who in the meantime promised to have received concrete engagement from his friends.
"I have received concrete commitments! Concrete commitments not to wait until we drive away this evil, but to start at least the vaccination of health staff first," he said.

Further on the DP Head declared: "It is true that in every conversation I have had in the last three weeks with some of my most precious friends I have asked that despite this scandalous behavior of the Prime Minister and the current government they do everything so that Albania does not remain the last to get the vaccine./argumentum.al