Human Remains of 17 Massacred Albanians Discovered in Mass Grave Site in Serbia

Representatives of Kosovo’s Government Commission on Missing Persons visited Friday the location in Kizevak, Serbia, where a mass grave with bodies of Albanians killed during the war in 1999 was found last month, reported Gazeta Express on Saturday.
Authorities believe that there are bodies of at least 17 persons in this mass grave
who were killed in Kosovo, but their bodies were transported to Serbia by Serbian police and military forces as part of a coverup operation to hide war crime traces.
Kosovo delegation is led by the state coordinator on the issue of missing persons, Ibrahim Makolli who held a joint press conference with Veljko Odalovic, head of Serbia’s Government Commission on missing persons.
Director of Kosovo’s Institute on Forensic Medicine, Arsim Gerxhaliu, confirmed to Gazeta Express that they had discovered five graves at the site. “Yes we have discovered five graves. We found human remains and we will continue working as long as weather conditions allow us,” Gerxhalliu said.
21 years after the end of the war in Kosovo there are more than 1,600 people who are considered as missing.
The excavation work on the abandoned open cast mine in Kizevak, Serbia is ongoing. /