Keko’s short stories “ Prostituta” published in English in New York

Its publisher “VSW Arthouse Corp” has announced that the collection of short stories “ Prostituta” by the well- known Albanian writer, the late Teodor KEKO was published on 15 December 2020 in New York. It is his first book translated in English.

“Prostituta” is a magnificent collection of stories in 252 pages by celebrated Albanian writer, Teodor Keko. Written between the late '80s to mid '90s, these seventeen tales – all of which have been translated into English for the first time – continue to remain relevant to this day. They display Keko’s complex world and unrivaled ability to see and seek the truth to help mankind learn from past mistakes. Keko’s stories range from humorous trips into strange existences to bittersweet tales of loss, from oppressive drills in utter despair to a lavish selection of human madness with a side of dark humor. Prostituta in its entirety offers a glimpse into the beautiful mind of a masterful writer whose ability to interpret the human struggles and moments of light will get any reader’s attention.

The late Teodor Keko was born in Tirana, Albania on September 2, 1958. He completed his studies in Language & Literature and began his literary career in 1979. He continued working fervently until 2002 when sadly he lost his fight against pancreatic cancer.

Teodor Keko built a well-known and widely respected profile as a public figure writing, creating, and being actively involved in progressive movements for a democratic society in Albania. He served in the Albanian Parliament from 1992-1996. Throughout his involvement in government-related work, Teodor Keko was known as a straight forward intellectual who never lost touch with real problems. What distinguished him was his concern for the common man. He was ahead of his time.

Teodor Keko’s name is well recognized and highly respected to this day, years after his passing. His published works, six books of poetry, and a dozen fiction books have earned a long list of awards while the author was alive and posthumously

The translator, Mrs. Doriana S. Molla has been working  for over a decade as Head of Hire Library for esteemed music publisher, Schott NY & EAMDC. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from “Hunter College” and a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from “The New School” in New York. She is passionate about arts in general: literature, visual arts, music, film, theater, dance - anything and everything reflecting the creative powers of mankind trying to make sense of and give meaning to life. She inherited her love of literature from her mom, a beloved Albanian language & literature educator. Doriana is very excited about her most recent project: translating from Albanian into English Teodor Keko’s collection of short stories tilted Prostituta. She does not fail to show her deep appreciation for the support and encouragement of the author’s widow, Mrs. Xhuljeta KEKO. It was a long project but it is satisfying to see the book now available on amazon.

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