Kosovo's Acting President Asks from Tirana to Have Document on Balkan Mini-Schengen

A surprising revelation has been unveiled by the acting President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani who has stated that she will ask to have the document on the Balkan
Mini-Schengen as it is only talked about it but there is no document to show its existence.
Ms.Osmani who started a three-day visit to Tirana on Wednesday said during the joint press conference with President Ilir Meta that he has high hopes to convince Prime Minister Edi Rama whom she will meet on Thursday that this is not a project that favors Kosovo and Albania.
Osmani further stressed that there are other initiatives that despite the great international support, Serbia has not implemented.
"As far as Mini- Schengen is concerned, I still have the same attitude. I conveyed it to Prime Minister Rama during his visit in November and I will repeat the same thing tomorrow. There are many arguments on the basis of which we have built that attitude. There are many hopes to convince Prime Minister Rama that this is not a project that favors Kosovo and Albania. Unfortunately, he persuaded Prime Minister Hoti to sign it. What I will ask is to have the document. We just talk, but we have no document what this Mini-Schengen is. I think from the beginning it is wrong. This initiative did not involve Kosovo from the very beginning. Kosovo was not consulted. The presidency has not been notified of what its official purpose is," she said.
For his part President Meta said his stance has been and is clear that any idea of changing borders in the Balkans is terrible as said by Ms. Osmani.
"It has been proven that this scheme is criminal that brings genocide, destruction, hostility, extraordinary damage and depopulation. In this regard, there is no room for any experiment in the Balkans. The only common path is EU integration, and respect for minorities and their rights," said Albania's President.
In the meantime Kosovo's Acting President asked that Albanian Parliament should adopt a resolution to condemn the Serb genocide against Albanians in Kosovo. /argumentum.al