Minister Calls on Opposition to See Earthquake Reconstructions with Their Eyes

The Minister of Reconstruction, Arben Ahmetaj, has commented on his statement made in the last plenary session of the parliament last week, where he called the opposition leader, Lulzim Basha, a "comedian".

Ahmetaj said that the statement was not on Basha, because, according to him, there will never be such insults against the opposition in his language, while adding that he invited the latter to go out in the field and see closely the reconstruction.

"I referred to someone else, a comedian, a funny person who is notorious in the Kapshtica area for what he did, but I do not want to deal with that. I have invited the opposition to go to the reconstruction sites. It's easy to have a political debate," he said, adding that there have never been any insults in his records. "But my attitudes towards the opposition are and will be very strong."

Further on he referred to a visit of DP’s Head Basha to Peza town and a local citizen was quoted by Ahmetaj as saying: ‘The opposition leader came here once, stopped for two minutes, asked if we received help, we said we have, and he left’.

"I told him to invite the opposition leader for a glass of brandy and say 'wishes’ for the new house that the government has built. There are houses, there are schools, so let the opposition say whatever it wants. I say this is the most important and emotional work of my life. All grants are activated within one year. The Greek government, which was the last one, has agreed with us and will sign on the construction of a school at '5 Maj’ neighborhood (in Tirana)," said Ahmetaj. /