Monday Starts with 17 Fatalities, 695 Covid Infections as Hospitals Are Overloaded

Some 17 persons passed away from coronavirus and 695 new infected cases were registered on Monday as
Health Ministry reported in its daily update.
Meanwhile, 563 infected people have 'won' the battle with the dangerous virus in the last 24 hours, said the ministry.
Reporting on the situation in Covid hospitals in Tirana News24 TV said the situation in the hospital 'Shefqet Ndroqi' is more normalized on Monday compared to the day before, where there was an emergency flow of cases with COVID-19.
Currently a total of 275 patients are hospitalized in that hospital (250 in wards and 25 in the Emergency) while 60 new beds have been added.
Ambulances with patients being treated inside of them continue to wait frequently in the yard of this hospital.
Regarding the situation in the Infective hospital, it is learned that it is working at 90% of its capacity, while it will take over the reception of emergencies from Tirana starting from December 15.
Meanwhile COVID3 hospital is working at over 80-85% of its capacity. It is not clear if there are patients in COVID4 hospital so far.