More Fatalities, Fewer Infections as Number of C19 Tests Drops in Albania

There are more than 5 weeks that the infected numbers with COVID-19 stay at the levels of 700-850 in the span of 24 hours. But on Sunday, tests revealed only 461 affected citizens, or about 24 percent of those tested who resulted with coronavirus.
Although rapid antigen tests have been part of epidemiological surveillance for almost two weeks, test figures remain low. Fewer than 2,000 tests were performed on Sunday.
"1927 tests were performed and 461 citizens tested positive," said health ministry on Sunday noting that Tirana is on top of the list with 192 confirmed positive cases followed by Shkodra with 65 cases and Fier 42 cases. The cases in other areas varied from 33 to 1.
But while the number of new cases has dropped, the same cannot be said of fatalities. On Sunday, 14 lost lives were reported as a result of COVID-19.
"Despite the efforts of doctors, 14 citizens have not managed to win the battle with coronavirus in COVID hospitals in Tirana
in the last 24 hours," said the medical update of health ministry.
Regarding the situation in the hospitals, the number of hospitalized patients has increased, but the situation, according to the ministry, remains stable. "The number of hospitalized patients continues to be stable. Currently, 391 patients are being treated in 4 COVID hospitals, 24 in intensive therapy, of which 9 patients are intubated."
But the DP senior official, Tritan Shehu said on Monday that the government is 'successfully' applying the Sudanese method to reduce the declared number of Covid infections by reducing testing.
"For several days now, the decline of new cases with Covid has been euphorically declared, but in the meantime the tests are being halved," Shehu, a former health minister, said.
While the positivity remains above 25% in Albania, which in reality requires three times higher PCR tests according to European standards.
"Shouldn't someone explain? why is it happening like this? Just confusion or manipulation of the truth ?!" Shehu asked. /