Olta Xhaçka to Head Albania's Diplomacy Replacing Cakaj in Government Reshuffle

Albania has a new foreign minister replacing the acting head of country's diplomacy, Gent Cakaj.
The new pick up is Olta Xhaçka as it was announced by PM Edi Rama on Tuesday.
Niko Peleshi will now head the Ministry of Defense instead of Xhacka.
In his announcement, the Prime Minister thanked the former Foreign Minister in office, Gent Cakaj, who will return to the Prime Minister's Cabinet.
A few days ago, Rama appointed the new Minister of Interior, entrusting the task to Bledi Çuçi, after the resignation of Sander Lleshaj due to the mass protests that spread in the country after the murder of 25-year-old Klodian Rasha by the police. Meanwhile, Rama appointed Milva Ekonomi
instead of Çuçi at the Ministry of Agriculture.
"After an intensive period of work during the chairmanship of the OSCE as well as the great work with dedication and professionalism of Gent Cakaj as acting minister, this is the moment to jointly pass the baton to Olta Xhacka to perform the duty of Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs. I want to thank Gent not only for the dignity in performing the task so far, but also for the full readiness to continue the joint effort, returning to the cabinet of the Prime Minister. Meanwhile, Niko Peleshi will head the ministry of defense", said the announcement of Rama. /argumentum.al