Peaceful Sixth Protest as PM Earmarks Special Pension to Rasha Family

Without any damages or injured people the sixth day of the protest for the murder of the 25-year-old youth, Klodian Rasha by a police officer ended peacefully in Tirana on Monday as PM Edi Rama accorded a special financial pension for Rasha family as a compensation for the ‘accidental loss of life’ of their son.

Chanting slogans like ‘Rama Go!’, "Down with the dictatorship!" and "Release our boys!" the protesters, significantly fewer in number as compared to previous days, marched along the roads of the capital under the massive supervision of police forces which used tear gas in rare sporadic cases.

A police cordon was seen in front of the Prime Minister's building but no incident was recorded between the demonstrators and police.

As it was seen the protesters mostly stayed in front of the interior ministry, which was surrounded by many police officers, demanding the release of the detainees in the previous protests. The demonstration was very calm and it started very late as a peaceful gathering and groups of no more than 10 people walked separately along the roads.

In the meantime it is reported that some dozens of Albanians gathered in Brussels in front of the Albanian Embassy in a protest against Rasha’s murder. They carried Albanian flags and chanted slogans ‘Justice for Klodian!’, ‘Down with the dictatorship!’

In another event the Official Gazette published on Monday a decision by PM Edi Rama according to the family head Qazim Osman Rasha will receive a special monthly family financial treatment in compensation for what was called the ‘accidental loss of life’ of Klodian Rasha. The decision carried the signature of premier Rama.

The former Ambassador to the US, Agim Nesho considered the latest moves of Rama as the end of his political career in a talk show on a local TV on Monday evening.

“The actions of PM Edi Rama are part of the desperation which is accompanying the end of his governance and also the termination of his political career. He is a person that does not separate himself from power and this is shown by his stubbornness to keep the power at any costs,” said Nesho. /