PM Rama Owes an Explanation to Albanians on His Reaction to Russian Vaccine

By Nikollaq Neranxi
I heard Prime Minister Edi Rama two days ago, who called the offer of the Russian Embassy in Tirana to buy their vaccine provocative and ridiculous.
He went so far to claim for an apology!!! Since the Prime Minister speaks on behalf of his people, he owes us an explanation over this reaction. Why should we feel offended when a country with which we have diplomatic relations offers us the vaccine produced by it? Is there any study that denies its effectiveness? I have read and not found any.
As a citizen of this country, who would not care about the configurations and geopolitical and financial interests of the moment, while his life is daily threatened by the coronavirus, the reaction of the Prime Minister seems to me very meaningless and not at all diplomatic!
I personally believe in the vaccine developed by Russian scientists, just as we have believed in the Russian books thanks to which my generation and I have been educated and have become very good professionals.
We as a people do not care much about which country our government should keep up with at these times, to whom it has promised to buy the vaccine and to whom it should act angrily!
The fight to save lives has nothing to do with these, but with the quality of the offered vaccine and its arrival as soon as possible in Albania.

I would be ready together with my family and staff to get the Russian vaccine right away, as long as I have not found any convincing evidence against it. If our Prime Minister has found any, it would be good for him to tell us as well./