PM Rama Under Way to Capture All Institutions Having Internationals as Facade

Analyst Fatos Lubonja sees what is happening in Albania, including the establishment of the Constitutional Court as a farce. Lubonja said in a local television interview on Thursday that the justice reform seems to him as a further step in the realization of a project by the majority led by PM Edi Rama to capture all institutions.
Lubonja has been ritical of justice reform since the beginning because he thought that without good political will nothing good could be done in Albania.
"I saw in the reform from the beginning a further step in the realization of a project by the majority led by Edi Rama to capture all institutions. He spoke of the current developments in the 9- member Constitutional Court, where three of them are of the president. According to him, when it will be completed six will belong to Edi Rama and three to Meta while there none of the opposition.
"When the time comes for the president to be removed, there will be 6 to 3 and they will elect a president to be the notary of Edi Rama. We will no longer have a court, it will be like at the time of Enver Hoxha (late communist ruler). It is a project made to accumulate power. "
Speaking about the oligarchs, he said they  were some of Rama and some of Berisha. "Rama has taken them completely. He has taken the economy, the justice, the prosecution completely under control. I see a control of all reforms. The problem is not to open Albania, but to control everything. And the Constitutional Court is in this process."
But what worried Lubonja the most are the internationals who have become the facade

behind which a one-party criminal state rules. /