Police Shot Dead Youth in Tirana on Tuesday Night

A young man was shot with a firearm in Tirana, in the early hours of Tuesday, by a police officer on duty. As a result, Klodian Rasha, 25, lost his life.
Official police sources announced that around 01:45 on Tuesday a police patrol spotted a citizen who was carrying out suspicious actions in "Dritan Hoxha" street.
"Police officers called him to stop, but the person did not obey the police order. Even after repeated calls made by the police officer to stop the suspected kept running away pointing at the police officer a seemingly firearm. Found in these conditions and in the absence of full lighting, the police officer shot with a firearm and as a result, the citizen K.R., 25 years old, was injured and lost his life in the hospital," it is said in the announcement on the event by capital's police.
A curfew is in force in Tirana from 10 pm until 6 in the morning as a preventive anti-Covid measure.
The police sources informed that a Special Investigative Group has been set up to probe into details of the deadly shooting.
The police announced that the prosecutor is at the scene and is following and monitoring all the actions that are being carried out by relevant structures.The police officer, N.H., who shot, was escorted to the premises of the Local Police Directorate of Tirana for further procedures.

But relatives of the victim have immediately denied police information saying the shot youth was not armed and he was just 100 meters far from his house. /argumentum.al