President Meta Blasts Serbia for Depopulation of Medvedja in Presevo Valley

Serbia is aiming to depopulate Medvedja in the Presevo Valley in an unfair game of unequal territorial corrections, President Ilir Meta has said. In his remarks in a ceremony of handing over the title "Knight of the Order of Skanderbeg" to prominent diaspora activist from the Presevo Valley, Muharrem Salihu, President launched the appeal to stop the depopulation of Albanian lands at the presidential promises on Monday.
Salihu, originally from the village of Tupalla, part of the municipality of Medvedja, in the Presevo Valley, Serbia, is an entrepreneur in Italy, Veneto region.
This appreciation was made for Salihu for his inspiring, encouraging, mobilizing and supporting activity in defense of the individual, collective and fundamental rights of Albanians in the Presevo Valley in general, and in Medvedja in particular. Also, he is appreciated for the far-sighted investments in favor of economic, social development and employment of Albanian community as a way to stop the depopulation of native lands as well as to promote the normalization of life and interethnic coexistence. In addition the motivation stresses his strong support of the cultural and artistic activities of the Albanians, which prove the early traces of their autochthony in the areas where they live in Serbia.
"For years he has been struggling to stop a problematic process, that of our disintegration as a nation, in the extreme borders of our existence as Albanians, borders that have been constantly blurred in the last two centuries," said Meta.
"Thank you for waking us up from our sleep of patriotic rhetoric, but empty inside, so far! I am glad that our two foreign ministries are doing something today, also thanks to Muharrem's encouragement to stop the further national hemorrhage there," declared Meta. /