President Raises Alarm that Albania Has Fallen into Abyss

President Ilir Meta has declared that the Albanian state has fallen into an abyss and the rights of the Albanian citizens have fallen along with it. Asked in a TV talk show on Thursday if there will be another March 2, Meta said that battle was far from over yet.
On March 2 this year Meta called the Albanian citizens in a huge rally in the Albanian capital to protest against Edi Rama’s seizing of justice and the Constitutional Court.
“March 2 is absolutely not a battle left in half way,” the President said. “March 2 is not Meta’s personal battle. I invite Albanians to understand the abyss where the state has fallen, where their rights have fallen too speaking in a constitutional way. This battle will continue till the restore of the constitutional order in the country,” he said.
Further on Meta said the country is in a crisis of legitimacy which will be solved by the people on April 25 next year.
“The attention must focus on April 25. Of course in addition to the pandemic, which is immediate. After April 25 the full legitimacy of the institutions will be guaranteed,” Meta said.
On the other hand, the President said that the Prosecution is occupied by the majority, which is investigating nothing. Moreover, the gangs are coming out of their cells on the eve of the elections, according to him. To illustrate this opinion, Meta brought as example the case of his lawsuits filed with the SPAK and the Prosecutor's Office against the Judicial Appointments Council, which have not been investigated.
The attempt to capture the Constitutional Court continues, he said. "That is why I have not expressed any enthusiasm, because we have a corps but we do not have a functioning Constitutional Court to rule on behalf of the people and their sovereignty."
Meta said a Constitutional Court which recognizes the June 30th elections will be born dead, and that is why negotiations with EU will not open. /