President's Urge for Securing Anti-Covid Vaccines as He Expresses Pain on Passing Away of Another Doctor

President Ilir Meta has expressed his condolences for the death of the anesthesiologist, Mihal Kërci from the coronavirus describing this as a serious loss that requires deep reflection.
According to the Head of State, the situation created by the coronavirus requires immediate measures, without saving anything so that vaccines and vaccinations for medical personnel should be provided as soon as possible.
"The loss of lives as a result of COVID-19, of many excellent doctors like Drini Dobi, Bledi Nini and others is irreplaceable and the gap created in qualified assistance to the sick will already be very problematic," said Meta in a post on social networks on Sunday.
He called for urgent action, without sparing anything in this situation stressing the emergency of "providing the vaccine as soon as possible and vaccinating of the medical staff as a matter of priority."
PM Edi Rama flew to the US on a visit whose aim was as he claimed to secure the vaccine, but there has not been any clear indication what has been achieved. There are unofficial sayings that the first contingent of the supply might come to Albania in January or February next year.
President Meta said every investment against the pandemic is an investment not only for the life and health of doctors but also for the health of citizens, who expect a lot from the work and dedication of doctors, especially in these difficult times of pandemics. /