Rama's Shortlived Lies on Anti-Covid Vaccines Have Left Albania Behind…

By Tritan Shehu

Serbia, a small country in the Balkans, starts on Monday vaccinating the population with the Pfizer Vaccine!
Rama & Co has been trying since long to convince Albanians that countries like Albania could not contract directly with vaccine companies.
It was in September that we asked Rama to undertake such an attempt but he retorted ironically.
These are deceptions and lies of him and his 'yesmen' who surround him which have now left Albania not only without vaccines, but also without any contract.
Serbia, which has shown responsibility, has contracted with Pfizer for months, built the vaccination infrastructure and the process begins on Monday like in the whole of Europe.
While today we wait in a long line before Covax, worse than African countries, many of them have even concluded special contracts with manufacturers.
We hope that the partners will give us something out of solidarity, but this is doubtful as long as we have not set up any adequate infrastructure.
Meanwhile, Rama with an empty "bag" wants to hide the truth behind his lies, jokes or behind a photo in an exhibition! /argumentum.al