Resignation of Interior Minister Urged as Protests Escalate against Assassination of Youth in Albania

Calling for the immediate resignation of the Interior Minister, Sander Lleshaj, the young Democrats protested in front of the Ministry of Interior and the Prime Minister's Office in Tirana on Wednesday condeming the execution by the police in front of his house of the 25-year-old Klodian Rasha due to violation of curfew in early hours of Tuesday night.
"It is Sander Lleshaj who has stated that 'behind the face of every police officer is my face', therefore today Sander Lleshaj is responsible, because behind the behavior of every police officer, is his behavior," said the President of DP Youth Forum (FRPD), Belind Këlliçi, who drew the attention to the silence of PM Edi Rama about the serious event and the protection of Sander Lleshaj, while staying as tourist in the US.
On Wednesday Minister Lleshaj expressed his condolences to the family of the victim assuring them there will be a comprehensive investigation into the assassination.
DP's Belind Këlliçi called on the citizens to join other protests that will continue in front of the Ministry of Interior. "While Albanian citizens are dying in hospitals and ambulances and on the streets, Rama is the number one tourist in the US, in Manhattan. This person who allegedly 'fled' (to Washington) to buy the vaccine for Albanian citizens. This is ordinary deceiver, who has brought democracy in Albania to its historical minimum. We are compared to Central African countries."
Further on he said what happened on Tuesday is criminal and it is the moment that every young person, every citizen should get together to react.
In conclusion the DP official launched an appeal to all young people, all citizens to join in every protest to react.

It is announced that there will be organized protests in every city of Albania in afternoon and evening on Wednesday