Restrictions to Continue as Before in Albania as Opposition Warns of Worsening Situation of Pandemic

The Technical Committee of Experts has decided to leave in force the restrictive measures against coronavirus that were applied in Albania until December 2.
The news was announced on Wednesday by the Deputy Minister of Health, Mira Rakacolli, who stressed that the curfew will continue from 22:00 to 06:00, the ban on gatherings, rallies and political rallies, festive and funeral ceremonies.
According to the number two of health care system, who is also head of the Committee, these measures will continue for an indefinite period.
"The Committee of Experts has taken a unanimous decision to pursue these measures. Gatherings, conferences, holiday ceremonies and funeral processions are prohibited. Restriction of citizens' movement from 22:00 to 06:00 will continue to be in force. Fast-Food work will also be limited to these hours. Universities will continue online, administration will work online, while schools will continue the format of alternate teaching. These measures will continue for an indefinite period," said Rakacolli.
DP warns of worsening situation
"We expect the pandemic situation to worsen while there's a government that no longer dares to impose a lockdown  because there are no more aid packages," warned a senior official of the opposition Democratic Party (DP).
Enno Bozdo, member of the DP Presidency, said in a news conference on Wednesday that a fourth package of business aid is being discussed in Macedonia, while no one dares to close the business in Albania.
"We test 4 times less than what the WHO suggests. When testing is less the figures are smaller, too. This is where the fraud or speculation with the tests begins," Bozdo said.
"The numbers game is pointless. There is no point to hide it as the pandemic is in free fall. We expect the pandemic situation to worsen. On the other hand it is a government that no longer dares to close businesses because there are no more aid packages," he added.
Meanwhile in a comment on the latest report of the International Monetary Fund, Bozdo said it is a bell of alarm regarding the Albanian economy.
"The news that the Albanian government has given the lowest package in the region is no longer news, this is confirmed and is known worldwide. What I would consider disturbing is the alarm bell in relation to macroeconomic parameters. It is claimed that the public debt is 82%," Bozdo, an economic expert, said.

DP's official stressed that the exact expression is that the future of the Albanian economy is uncertain. "We do not find this phrase in any of the other reports before this. This is the last proof of a declining economy," said Bozdo./