SMI's Vasili Accuses PM Rama of Selling Albanian Sea

"What has been expected and which we have clearly warned during the summer of this year happened and Rama sold the Albanian sea."
This is the public accusation made by the Deputy Chairman of the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), Petrit Vasili in a note posted on FB on Saturday.
According to Vasili, the PM's statements in the summer of this year and his deliberate passivity, which supported Greece's unilateral actions regarding 12 miles were clearly attitudes that betrayed the legitimate and inalienable territorial interests of Albania.
"Even the start of negotiations for a new maritime border agreement with Greece a few years ago was a dark, non-transparent process on which no final position has been made public," the SMI number two said.
"What dark interest is hiding and who has tied the mouth and hands of the Prime Minister, who does not make the situation transparent regarding the negotiations on the maritime border agreement with Greece?" is one of the questions put by Vasili.

"It is clear that as far as this issue is concerned we are not dealing with the irresponsibility of Edi Rama, but with a well-thought-out strategy that sells the interests of Albania and that constitutes a clear and unequivocal national betrayal. Detection, investigation and punishment of this betrayal is a state constitutional obligation and would be a historic lesson for anyone who would dare to touch even the smallest bit of the interests of Albania," said SMI's Vasili./