SMI's Vasili Urges Probe into Hiding of COVID Fatalities by Government

Since the denunciation of the opposition leader, Lulzim Basha that the government is hiding the real number of deaths from the pandemic, the most surprising thing has happened: fatalities in the statistics have increased. Former Minister of Health Petrit Vasili, the number two in the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI), noted with irony that this phenomenon is due to the increased number of victims which jumped suddenly by a spike of 64%.
Considering this game of government with  statistics as extremely painful Vasili has strongly demanded an immediate investigation. "A probe into this huge immediate increase in the number of deaths of Albanians since the denunciation of Lulzim Basha," said Vasili in a post on FB on Tuesday.
"The deaths from COVID in Albania increase by 64%, after the denunciation by the opposition and Basha... From November 10 to November 19, there were 86 cases of loss of life from COVID in Albania. But from November 20 to November 29, there were 141 cases of fatalities!" Vasili stressed.

"The political statements of the Prime Minister and of some of the lackey doctors only aggravate the situation even worse. The truth must be clarified without any hesitation as they are lost lives of Albanians," concluded Vasili.


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