SP Branch Headquarters in Flames in Northern City of Shkodra, PM Whips President

The situation has aggravated in the northern city of Shkodra as protesters under the slogan “I am Klodian” and shouting slogans ‘Rama Go!’ broke into the local headquarters of the ruling Socialist Party (SP) on Saturday morning.

It is reported and it can also be seen by footages circulating in social media that the protesters frustrated by the assassination of the 25-year-old youth, Klodian Raca last Tuesday in Tirana have broken windows of the buildings and taken out from the offices computers, chairs and other things including documents. The building was engulfed in flames and smoke while firefighters intervened to put out the fire.

Heavy armed special forces rushed to the scene after a while trying to disperse the crowd using violence and tear gas but the protest moved to downtown and other parts of Shkodra, considered as the stronghold of the Democratic Party. The Mayor, Voltana Ademi was among the protesters.

A short time after the violent event PM released a statement in social networks throwing arrows of criticism toward President Ilir Meta.

"When the police reacted to a famous provocateur during the violent protest of opposition in front of the Assembly, Ilir (Meta) ran to the hospital to visit the hero of violence! When the state police officer was hurt badly in the eye by the bandits instigated by him and Sali (Berisha), Ilir condemns the police violence! According to Ilir, the police should not react, but should hand over Tirana and themselves into the hands of blind violators, so that he and Sali make Luli (Basha), the son-in-law of the government, and Monika, the treasurer of the state, as in the golden times of co-government with bullets over protesters,” Rama said.

In conclusion the PM, Rama, who is also SP Head, said that Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha should forget that they can turn Albania back for their sake and no matter how many dreams Luli (Basha) sees holding the spoon in his hand for Monika (Kryemadhi) to eat, Albania will go forward through effort and patience, to become what its children want! /argumentum.al