Speaker Ruçi Urges Unified Positions of Tirana and Pristina in Defence of KLA's Just War aganist Serb Genocide

"We must not allow the image of Kosovo, of its liberation war and of its efforts to be built, recognized and integrated as an independent state, to be tarnished. The truth is that Kosovo, the Kosovo Liberation Army and its leaders were the victims in the face of the aggressor and not the other way around," said Speaker Gramoz Ruçi in a meeting with the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) delegation, led by its acting Chairman Enver Hoxhaj.
The meeting was attended by the Deputy Chairman of the PDK, Xhavit Haliti, and the General Secretary, Uran Ismaili.
Hoxhaj's agenda of the visit to Tirana on Tuesday includes meetings with President Ilir Meta, PM Edi Rama and other officials.
During the meeting in Parliament premises the latest developments in Kosovo were discussed, and as it was reported by Parliament's press office, Ruçi praised the dignified attitude of the leaders of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and the KLA and their full readiness to face justice and uncovering the truth of the Great War for the salvation of the people from the monstrous crimes and genocide of Serbia.
"The deed of the Kosovo Liberation Army was the liberation of Kosovo and its independence, which was achieved with the support of the people of Kosovo and in partnership with the great and strategic allies of Albania, the US and NATO. The KLA and the Kosovar people have been on the side of a just war beeing proved by time.
Since 1991 the Albanian Parliament has adopted 18 Resolutions and Declarations, which have contributed to the enlightenment of the truth in support of Kosovo. It is necessary to unify the political and national positions of all institutions, political forces and public voices, national and international, of Kosovo and for Kosovo," underlined the Speaker, Gramoz Ruçi.
Acting President Vjosa Osmani called on Albania that its Parliament adopt a resolution denouncing Serb genocide when she was on a visit to Tirana a few weeks ago.
Enver Hoxhaj, a former Deputy PM and FM, thanked Speaker Ruçi for the strong support that Albania gives to the defense of the truth about Kosovo and asked that this support continue in the future, so that the international community becomes and remains clear on the truth of the KLA and the liberation war of the people of Kosovo, supported by the strategic allies, the US, NATO and the EU. /argumentum.al