Ten Fatalities, 1,320 Infected Teachers in Tirana in Two Months

Following the sporadic figures reported partially denounced in the media, there is now a complete picture of the situation of infections in the schools of the Tirana district since September 14, when they opened their doors.
It is about 1,320 teachers and 850 students affected by COVID-19 in all pre-university schools in the five cities of the region: Tirana, Kamza, Kavaja, Vora and Rrogozhine, noted daily Panorama on Friday.
The data were reported by the directors of local education offices and representatives of health institutions in the meeting convened recently by the prefect of Tirana Region, Toni Gogu, regarding the continuity of the teaching process.
Despite the figures, the education officials do not accept that the school is a hotbed of the spread of the virus, linking it to the fact that the virus was spread from outside.
The first week registered 84 infected teachers and 14 students, a number that "flew" in early October by tripling.
Regardless of where the virus was got, there are more than ten teachers nationwide who have lost their lives due to COVID-19.
Some specialists told argumentum.al  that besides being a hotspot of the infection the alternative timetable of classes is hectic and there is no qualitative teaching process. In addition they say that official reports do not refer to the crowds which gather in front of schools as parents or grandparents accompany pupils to school. /argumentum.al