Two Brothers Found Shot Dead in Korca as PM Condoles Family of Assassinated Youth by Police Officer in Tirana

The two brothers from Pogradec who were found murdered today in Maliq, southeastern region of Korca in Albania, were identified as Andrea and Martin Olldashi by police relevant official sources on Thursday hastening to say they were persons with a past criminal record.
According to Korca police, late Andrea Olldashi has been in prison several times for theft, mainly of apartments.
Since they had not been home for 3 days, the family members reported the case to the police, which said that the young people had disappeared without a trace.
"The bodies of brothers A.O., 33 years old, and M.O., 31 years old, residents in Pogradec, were found dead in the village of Zvirina, near the place called "Little Church
on10.12.2020, around 11:50. They are suspected to have lost their lives as a result of the use of firearms. These citizens had left their home since the evening of 07.12.2020," said the press release issued by police on Thursday.
A special investigative team has been set up and police forces are combing the area.
Some persons are being interrogated whether or not they are aware of this event.
"The itinerary of the movements is being followed and a series of investigative actions are being carried out to fully clarify the circumstances of this event as well as to apprehend and bring to justice the perpetrators," police said.
This event occurs as there is a tense situation in Albania worsening after the assassination of a 25-year-old by a police officer in Tirana. It flared up violent protests on Wednesday with participants clashing with police in front of government building and interior ministry.
PM Edi Rama broke his silence on this sensitive event paying an unexpected visit to the family of the victim, Klodian Rasha to express his condolences on Thursday after his return from the US.
He flied there in search of anti-Covid vaccines, as the PM said.

In addition Rama said he will appear on local TV at 18.00 to shed light on Rasha's assassination. /