UNICEF Albania Joins Concern over Children's Safety amidst Confrontation of Police with Protesters

UNICEF Albania is concerned about the potential harm and exposure to violence as well as risk of COVID 19 exposure that children and young people may be facing amidst the protests in Tirana and in other cities, has said a statement released by the Tirana-based organization which is in the hands of argumentum.al
"UNICEF calls on the entire society to uphold the children’s rights enshrined in the Convention of the Rights of the Child to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and calls on all actors to make sure that those children that come in contact with the law must receive timely and appropriate treatment and support, through appropriate juvenile proceedings," noted the statement.
Albania is among the first countries to have signed the Convention of the Rights of the Child and its authorities, including Parliament, have resolutely pledged to abide by it.

In conclusion the statement by UNICEF Office in Tirana urges the entire society of Albania to refrain from violence, respect the basic safety measures to control the COVID pandemic and those participating in the protest to make these events peaceful and non-violent./argumentum.al