US Embassy Says Albania's Justice Reform Progressing But Not Easy, Quick or Perfect

Although not easy the reform in judiciary system is making progress step by step and must continue, has said the US Embassy in Tirana.
In a post on Twitter on Friday the Embassy revealed that this reform will not be quick and perfect.
There is a long time that the US Embassy and its head Yuri Kim deal on this topic at a time when Albania is passing through hard times amidst the impact of coronavirus pandemic with daily rising death toll and infections.
"The United States will continue to strongly support the desire of the Albanian people for a judicial system that is transparent, fair and fully functional," said the statement.
According to it, thanks to strong cooperation among the Justice Appointments Council, Presidency, and Parliament, with this pending appointment Albania is now one judge away from a functional Constitutional Court (a quorum of 6 out of total 9 judges is required for functionality).
"Their actions are responsive to the Venice Commission opinion, requirements for EU accession, and – most importantly – the demand of the Albanian people. Let’s keep moving forward – step by step," concluded the statement.
The judicial reform in Albania has strongly been supported by US Embassy whose role has been decisive in some crucial moments as for example when the June 5 political accord on electoral reform was sealed by opposition and majority which incidentally broke it a few months later with some constitutional changes taken unilaterally by Parliament. /