US, French, British and Other Embassies Sided with Government against Youth Protests in Albania

At a time when foreign embassies in Tirana like that of the US, France, Britain support young people with projects so that they are free, on the other hand they become partners with the government, as they did in the last protest in Albania, said social analyst Jonila Godole in a TV talk show on Tuesday.
Albania is gripped by a wave of youth protests denouncing the assassination of the 25-year-old youth, Klodian Rasha which have been crushed by large police forces using excessive violence and arresting dozens of juveniles.
"In my opinion it remained a revolt which did not return into a protest because there was no organizer," Godole said adding that
a different hopeless generation is growing up with the EU doors closed. "It’s a violated youth at school, a mistreated generation, and an event like this (the protest) gives meaning to their lives."
Asked what the reaction of foreign embassies was like, Godole was critical of them.
"I was surprised by this reaction, as I would have expected support for the young people. Who better than France, USA, England, could give us a model. And it's they that while supporting projects on how to support the youth, at this very moment they side with the government to silence the youth. They could have found ways to express their concern about these young people. And when this lecture comes from the USA, England, for me it is a kind of hypocrisy, "Godole said. //