Vice PM Denounces Violent Protests as Politically Motivated in Albania

Deputy Prime Minister Erion Brace said late Wednesday in his first reaction on the assassination of the 25-year-old, Klodian Rasha by police officer saying this murder is not political, nor ordered by the government and that violence in Tirana is not justice.
Brace condemned the act of the police, emphasizing that the murder of the young man is a criminal offense, investigable, prosecutable and punishable to the maximum. He also recalled that this is an isolated case in the last 8 years and has never happened before.
Brace also assured that this is not a political assassination, nor ordered by the government or any politician in the government.
"It has not been political to kill innocent citizens in these 8 years, not a second, not an hour, not a day; this is a single, isolated case," he said.
"We are neither Sali Berisha, nor Lulzim Basha who deliberately killed, directly, 4 innocent and unarmed protesters, hid the evidence, obstructed the prosecutors, refused the arrest for the responsible killers, defended and released the assassins min; we are not even Ilir Meta who offended those murdered calling them as scoundrels!" concluded the government number two in his post on social networks.
In the meantime PM Edi Rama, who is in the US since last Friday allegedly to hold meetings to get the anti-Covid vaccine,  announced in a post on Thursday morning that he had met the director of Pfizer but did not mention the violent protests in Tirana and other parts of Albania./