Violent Clashes in Tirana in Front of Government Building Protesting against Assassination of 25-year-old Man

A tense situation is in progress as several hundred Albanians after protesting for the resignation of the interior minister in front of his building have gathered in front of the Prime Minister's Office in Tirana on Wednesday evening. The protest is prompted by the fatal police shooting of a  25-year-old man a day earlier.
Media reported that protesters threw objects at police officers and the interior ministry building and at least one police officer, a protester and a journalist were injured in sporadic clashes while people tried to enter the ministry.
Klodian Rasha was shot dead during the country’s overnight curfew a day earlier after not responding to police calls to stop.
Interior Minister Sander Lleshaj said police were investigating how the incident occurred.
Hundreds of protesters defied rain and the government rules prohibiting gatherings of more than 10 people due to the coronavirus pandemic, rallying first at the interior ministry and then along the boulevard at the prime minister’s office.
There have been harsh clashes between police and protesters who burned down the Christmas tree standing at government's office.
Besides slogans for the resignation of the interior minister Lleshaj the protesters shouted slogans as "Rama Go!", "Down with the dictatorship". There were attemps to enter the government building but added police forces used tear gas to disperse the crowd.
Albanian authorities have imposed several lockdown measures including prohibiting gatherings, mandatory mask wearing and an overnight curfew to try to prevent a surge of new cases.
Protesters said the rally was not political, but some opposition supporters were seen among them.

Protesters said live on some local TVs which cover live the event that they would stay in front of the government building./