War Crimes Court Violating Kosovo Constitution by Not Publishing Documents in Albanian

The Specialist Chambers and the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office (SPO) are violating the Constitution of Kosovo by not publishing their documents in Albanian, has said Ehat Miftaraj from the Kosovo Law Institute (KLI).
Miftaraj in a Facebook post wrote that according to the Constitution of Kosovo, the official languages ​​in Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian.
“According to the Law on Specialist Chambers, the official languages ​​in this Court are Albanian, Serbian, and English. During any proceedings, the pre-trial judge or the panel may decide on the language of the proceedings, as deemed necessary and in full respect of the rights of the accused,” he wrote as quoted by GazetaExpress on Tuesday.
“Neither the law on Specialist Chambers nor the pre-trial judge or the panel, or the Court have the right to violate the Constitution of Kosovo either in relation to their work or in relation to communication with the public in Kosovo. A practice has been established, where court documents are published in English, by ignoring and violating the constitutional and legal obligation to publish these documents in Albanian,” Miftaraj said.