Alarm, Alarm, Alarm!

By Tritan Shehu

For days Albania has the highest levels of Covid infections in Europe! And this Government plays the ignorant's role, while the situation only gets worse.
On Sunday, Albania registered 876 new cases, or 313 per 1 million inhabitants.
Greece registers 484 such cases or 35 per 1 million inhabitants. Italy has 11,252 cases or 180 per 1 million inhabitants.
Albania, as it is made official, marks 11 loss of life or 3.9 per 1 million inhabitants. Greece has 17 fatalities or 1.2 per 1 million inhabitants. Italy had 237 loss of life or 3.6 per 1 million inhabitants on Sunday.
Although the positivity of the tests in those countries is below 4% with a number of population many times higher than those in Albania, there is a high concern and complex measures are being taken to control the situation and not allow its deterioration.
In Albania, the positivity registered thanks to those few tests and outside of any professional methodology, is extremely high - about 25%. It is a very dangerous signal for today and the perspective, which in itself should be a cause for high alarm, extensive, energetic and complex measures.
While the Prime Minister of Albania, whose worst management is responsible for this catastrophic situation, continues to stand outside the reality "without mouth, without ears and without eyes", leaving this epidemic out of control, with very serious consequences for the health of citizens, their lives, the economy.
If it goes on like this, the coming weeks will be even harder.
Unfortunately, I do not see any sign of optimism from this Government, which will continue to create only evil until April 25. /