Albania to Get First Supply of Anti COVID-19 Vaccines in 3rd Week of January

As the drive gets intensive in the Western Balkans to secure the anti COVID-19 vaccines, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has announnced that a supply of 500,000 doses will be provided by American company Pfizer during the next year.
In an announcement on the first day of 2021 at noon sharp Rama said that the first 10,750 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine will arrive at the beginning of the third week of January.
"I inform you that we have secured the first 500 thousand doses from Pfizer. My shopping in New York has ended successfully," he said.
"Another 30,250 doses will come in February and others based on the vaccination plan in the next months," said Rama.
"This is not the end of our effort to ensure that no dose of vaccine is missing to the end. We will continue to try persistently and tirelessly for the vaccination plan to continue according to the forecasts," declared Rama.
Rama added that this is the best possible start of this crucial year of the final blow on the invisible enemy. /