Albania Urges EU to Open Accession Talks as Its 'Homework' Has Been Done

Albania has claimed it has met all the EU conditions needed for the start of the pending accession talks with the Union waiting for Brussels to undertake the step to move forward.
The foreign minister Olta Xhaçka raised the issue during a meeting with the ambassadors of EU member states to Albania held on Thursday.
"Grateful to EU Ambassador Luigi Soreca for gathering us and for all the good work. Nice and frank exchange of views on this crucial year for Albania's EU integration.
Look forward to working closely with all ambassadors and ppreciate their goodwill and readiness," said Xhaçka in a post on Twitter. According to her, the future of the Western Balkan region is in EU.
"Albania has met all conditions! Optimistic EU will stay true to its word and decide on the negotiating framework and first IGC in 2021," said Tirana's top diplomat.
For his part the EU Ambassador, Soreca said the EU will provide support to Albania while the country moves towards the start of talks.
His full note on Twitter below:
"Constructive exchange of views between EU Ambassadors and Minister Olta Xhacka on EU integration, COVID response and vaccines, and CFSP alignment. Albania will continue its work to move towards the first IGC, the EU will continue providing concrete support to the citizens."
The leaders of the European Union reached a political agreement to open talks with Albania at the Zagreb Summit in March 2020, but conditioned their start with a number of conditions to be met something which has repeatedly been retorted by the government according to which 'homework'
has been done. /