Ambassador Kim Pledges Support of the US in the Fight against Corruption in Albania

The US Government and people remain committed to a democratic, secure, and prosperous future for Albania and they are committed to an Albania that becomes a full member of the European community and that nurtures a sense of optimism in its citizens for their future.
With these words the US Ambassador to Tirana, Yuri Kim started her remarks at the launching ceremony of the US-Albania
Academy of Transparency of USAID
(USATA) on Friday calling on this Balkan country to redouble its efforts to eradicate the single biggest obstacle in its path: corruption.
"Albania should be a country where corruption not only brings punishment and shame, but is harder and harder to commit. This is where USATA comes in," Kim said.
According to her, USATA will enable and empower citizens to be aware of the presence of corruption, to develop the tools needed to articulate their concerns, and to be able to effectively seek and track changes from government, businesses and fellow citizens.
Polls show that Albanians are aware of the presence of corruption because they suffer from it but they have been unable to cope with it.
Ambassador Kim promised the Academy will foster public dialogue on accountability and increase support for increased transparency.
The US Ambassador did not make any reference to the corruption and irregularities regarding elections in Albania as it is on the eve of April 25 poll this year. As it was not present in the event cannot say if the Ambassador made any comment on the tumultuous events in US after the storm of Capitol as the inauguration of President elect Joe Biden will be held on January 20 against the background of the impeached outgoing President Donald Trump./