Another Explosion of a Businessman's Car Shakes Tirana Outskirts

Albania's Capital Tirana 'woke up' on this rainy Saturday morning amidst the aftermath of a strong explosion having as target the property of the construction businessman, Saimir Naski from Berat.
One of Naski's cars was blown up by explosives inside a garage in the outskirts of Tirana, precisely in Qesaraka neighborhood, and as
the investigative group which is at the scene in the palace where the bussinesman resides said there were material damages of the car and the first floor of the building.
The experts have not yet provided any information on who may have been the perpetrators of this act and what their exact  target was or if it is only a threat to the businessman.

According to police sources, such explosions which have become common in Albania are mainly related to business affairs among those hit and the perpetrators. /