Anti-Covid Vaccination Launched in Albania with PM Being the Second to Be Vaccinated

Anti-Covid vaccination has been launched in Albania as its Prime Minister Edi Rama received the first dose on Monday. After filling out the form with health data, Rama said he had not been infected by the coronavirus.
The Chief of Infectious Diseases, Dr. Najada Como, was the first to receive the vaccine against coronavirus at the Air Albania stadium, where the vaccination campaign is taking place. The second dose of the vaccine will be taken by them after 21 days.
Earlier on Monday, the PM told journalists in a news conference that a friendly country had donated the vaccine doses to Albania but did not give a name.
But according to reliable sources it was Austria which has donated these 957 doses of the vaccine.
In the course of the news conference Rama criticized the EU for not providing vaccines to non-member countries. He lashed out at the Union, saying it "thought only of itself".
Rama said that currently the government has opened four more communication channels to receive supplies of other vaccines, with high expectations for the vaccine from the company AstraZeneca. He said that contacts are being maintained with a European Unionu country to increase vaccination capacities by increasing vaccine inflows.
Although the vast majority of Albanians have been eagerly awaiting the COVID vaccine, there are those who are skeptical and want more information.

The academician, Artan Fuga described non-transparent and illegal traffic the vaccination process by asking for the laboratory logo, distribution source, contract, and price of the vaccine as quoted by Balkaweb on Monday. He emphasized that public health requires maximum transparency. /