Anti-COVID Vaccination Launched in Presevo Valley in Serbia

The first anti-COVID-19 vaccines, provided by the company Pfizer Biontech, are expected to arrive in the municipality of Presevo Valley on Friday. The news about this was confirmed by the director of the Health Authority in Presevo, Driton Salihu, INA reported on Friday. According to him, the first to be vaccinated will be the medical staff of the health center.
"On Friday, the health center in Presevo will be supplied with anti-COVID vaccines by the company Pfizer Biontech. According to the plan of the Ministry of Health, the medical staff has priority for vaccination against COVID-19. So the vaccination of the medical staff in Presevo will begin with the first doses," stressed Salihu.
As part of the mass vaccination campaign, the municipality of Presevo is among the first Albanian communities to have the vaccines against coronavirus after the areas inhabited by Serbs in Kosovo.
Serbia is among the first countries in the Western Balkans to provide Pfizer vaccines, but also the Russian Sputnik vaccine.
Albania has announced that the first vaccines will be applied during this month, while there is information that this process will be launched in Kosovo, Macedonia and other regional countries in January or February. /