Biden's Administration Backs EU Mediated Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia

The United States fully support Kosovo-Serbia dialogue facilitated by the European Union aimed at reaching a comprehensive agreement, according to a statement of the US State Department quoted by the Radio Free Europe (RFE) on Thursday.
The State Department recalls an earlier statement of new President Joe Biden which encouraged progress of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue to reach a comprehensive solution to achieve mutual recognition considering as crucial preservation of territorial integrity of both states.
The US State Department told RFE that a comprehensive agreement would increase security and prosperity for both countries and would advance their respective aspirations to join the EU and other multilateral institutions.
Kosovo and Serbia signed two documents on economic normalization in the presence of the former US president, Donald Trump at the White House on 4 September 2020.
The agreements were mediated by former Trump’s special advisor on dialogue, Richard Grenell. After the presidential election in the US, Pristina and Belgrade pledged to implement the agreements regardless of presidential changes. The political dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, facilitated by the European Union started in 2011 and the last high-level meeting was held in September 2020. /