British Ambassador Says 2021 Elections Are Challenging for Albania's Future

The UK Ambassador to Albania, Duncan Norman has stated that the 2021 elections are vital and challenging for the future of Albania.
Speaking in the Conference "Costs of Democracy II" held on Friday he stressed that the will of the Albanian people is still not fully respected, and that phenomena such as vote buying, voter intimidation should not continue. The Ambassador called for more transparency from political parties regarding their funding during elections.
According to him, the Albanian democracy has made progress, but it has also faced problems during these last 30 years. Mr. Norman said that the will of the Albanian people is still not fully respected and mentioned negative phenomena such as misuse of the Public Office. "There continues to be a lack of transparency regarding party funding," said Ambassador Norman.
Earlier in a TV talk show on Thursday evening US Ambassador Yuri Kim said political leaders should not list criminals in the election lists and parties should be transparent about funding. /