Bujanoc Mayor Refutes Belgrade Media Reporting Kosovo Albanians Being Vaccinated in Serbia

Nagip Arifi, mayor of the Albanian-majority municipality of Bujanoc, has denied Belgrade media reports according to which Kosovo Albanians are going to this municipality to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Arifi told Gazeta Express on Friday that such reports are fake and all those who went to Bujanoc are Serbs living in Kosovo.  “Based on the information from the coordinator on organising of vaccination of the Bujanoc residents, Aferdita Mustafa, who is also doctor at the health Centre of Bujanoc no Kosovo Albanian has been vaccinated there. But all those who were vaccinated were Serbs of the Anamorava region in Kosovo, who have been vaccinated within the premises of the Health Centre of Bujanoc at the order of the Serbian health Ministry,” Arifi said. He also said the vaccination of Kosovo Serb residents was done by personnel of health centres of Serbian community living in Kosovo.
Media in Belgrade reported Friday that many Albanians from Kosovo went to Bujanoc to get the COVID-19 vaccine. According to Serb media reports these Albanians are mainly residents of Gjilan area.

Serbia started this week massive vaccination of its population. Serbian authorities have distributed dozens of vaccines for Serbs living in northern Kosovo which has triggered Pristina's authorities reaction accusing Serbia of smuggling vaccines in Kosovo and threatening security of the local citizens with its actions.