DP's Basha Blasts Rama as PM Caring for His Interests

It is time for change and hope for Albania and Albanians as Prime Minister Edi Rama takes care only of himself, has said the Chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha through a video shared on "Facebook" on Wednesday.
The Democrat leader estimates that Rama promised debt reduction, while the situation speaks of a miserable reality and an increased public debt.
According to him, public debt has increased by 3.25 billion euros during the rule of the Rilindja (Renaissance).
Basha says that he has a concrete plan to return hope to Albania.
"Rama only cares for himself. It is time for change and hope for Albania and Albanians!" said Basha.
DP looks forward to April 25 general poll which is set to elect a new 140- member Parliament. DP and some other opposition parties have boycotted the legislative which is functioning with 127 members that is considered anti constitutional but no action has been taken to change the situation. /argumentum.al