DP's Basha Signs First Agreement with PAA Ally, SMI to Run Alone in Elections

The leader of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha has signed the first agreement with its ally, the Agrarian Environmentalist Party (AEP), Agron Duka in the first official step for the coalitions of the opposition.
DP leader accepted on Wednesday that Duka will be among the first three names of the coalition list in the district of Durrës, practically in the winning part.
But the AEP will run with its candidates in the other 11 regions of Albania but not on the winning list.
Meanwhile, at the end of the election process, the votes received from the AEP candidates will be collected to be turned into positions in case they manage to govern the country or the next elections.
It is also reported that the DP leader, Basha continued the meetings with the other allies
in the frame of preparation for the elections of April 25, 2021. On Wednesday, he met with the leader of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu.
In the meantime the Socialist Movement for Integration, Basha's main ally, will run alone with its own lists in the parliamentary elections. /argumentum.al