DP's Basha Starts the Week Pledging to Cut Rama's Mafia Links and Establish a Government for the People

Democratic Party (DP) Chairman Lulzim Basha has reacted through a post on "Facebook" regarding the wiretapping of the Italian anti-mafia as he stressed on Monday that PM Edi Rama and his puppets intend to increase their wealth in cooperation with the mafia.
"Rama and his puppets have the mind set to grow their wealth in collaboration with the mafia. They do not even think about people. Together, we will bring change," he said looking hopeful for the opposition's victory in the April 25 general elections.
The DP head repeated the conviction that his party will bring down PM Edi Rama, who on his part feels self-assured for a third governance mandate in this Balkan country.
"We will cut the mafia ties with the state, we will remove Rama and his apprentices and we will establish a government that takes care of Albanian families," pledged Basha./argumentum.al