DP''s Basha Steps Up Blasts on PM Rama Eying April 25 as His Last Day in Power

Thousands of families are under water, without food supplies and medicines and large areas in Shkodra, Durres, Lezha and the entire western lowlands of Albania are under water, declared the chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha in a press conference on Friday.
According to him, it is 8 years of propaganda, but there is no work of PM Edi Rama who speaks as if he came to the government yesterday. "He has been prime minister for 8 years. Everyone tries to do what he can, but the prime minister sits in the office and deals with propaganda."
Further on Basha said this loser produces failures himself. "There is only one solution: to come together to remove the source of failure. It is time to remove him. It is time for a responsible government," he undefined.
"The task of the prime minister, the task of the government is to do everything to help the people and in this task as in the case of floods and in any other case, a man who had all the powers, Edi Rama, has failed for 8 years in a row. And today we witness another act of shame as he is trying to turn this flood tragedy into an excuse for himself and a propaganda that no one takes it anymore," said the DP head.
In conclusion the leader of the United Opposition called on all opposition structures to help the people. "April 25 will be the day of great change," Basha said. /argumentum.al