DP's Basha Urges Quit of PM Rama Promising Free Health Care

The chairman of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha has harshly attacked the Prime Minister, Edi Rama that although he promised free health care, he brought this system to collapse.
In a harsh attack in a post on Twitter on Monday, the Democratic leader stressed that Rama is a failure and should quit but did not say if now or after elections to be held in Albania on April 25.
Basha said PM Rama promised free health care to all but lied. "Health is collapsing and Albanians pay more than anyone in the region! Rama is a failure. He must leave!" Basha said.
In an earlier statement Basha promised to lower the price of energy for family members. "Rama lied, he only increased the energy bills for Albanian families! Rama is a failure. He must leave," insisted Basha according to whom the government head had failed in every sector and destroyed the economy. "The cost of living and unemployment are rising every day. We will bring hope to Albania and Albanians!" Basha pledged.
DP has been in power many times and its loss in elections has been due to unkept promises and pandemic corruption among the highest levels during the 'democratic transition' in Albania launched in 1990s. The question still remains among the ordinary people: can the same ex- DP officials bring change to Albania which has passed through similar hard times becoming grave in face of the ongoing Covid epidemic? / argumentum.al